Widget Wizard – Agenda, Health Stats, Weather and more in fully customizatable widgets! : apple

Hello everyone!

I’d love to introduce you to my app, Widget Wizard!

  • It’s currently on sale for $0.99 US (regular price $1.99) for two days

  • It’s got Agenda, Health Stats, Weather, Clock, Calendar, Reminders and a Photo Widgets

  • Check out the album of it’s features, or read the details below!

  • I’m super active on the app’s subreddit and constantly listening to feedback!

Being upfront: the purchase unlocks all features in the app except Weather, which requires a $4.99 subscription for 3 months. This is to cover the cost of the weather service API I use. This is a good read if you are curious: The Plight of Indie Weather App Developers!

The details:

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