After a year of work, we’ve released our minimalist app that creates vacation-inspired workouts to keep active at home : apple

After one of us suffered a serious kneecap injury, we set out to build a viable way to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. Jumpy Cat was built out of our frustration with wasting time to search for workouts online.

The app creates beautiful full-length Youtube-like videos based on your preferred duration(5-60 min), level, body area, training style, and variety, and the algorithm designs the video workout for you in real time. The whole workout, including the audio, is unique every time.

We took a holiday in the midst of winter in Portugal to shoot 100s of hours of content on the cliffs and on beaches looking over the Atlantic.

Now that we’re stuck at home and back to our sedentary lifestyles (sigh), it’s been great to get some vacation vibes when working out at home.

Maybe it’ll brighten your day too!

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