WhatsApp increases Group Video And Voice Call Limit , now allows up to 8 people

After rolling out WhatsApp with most requested feature “ Dark Mode” to users now it is confirm by the parent company Facebook that WhatsApp will release an update for both Android and iOS in next week to bring increased group call limit.


  1. WhatsApp new limit on Group call will be set at 8
  2. Previously the limit was 4 users
  3. Mark Zuckerberg announced the increased WhatsApp limit on Facebook.
  4. Increased limit will be for both Group Video and Voice Call

WhatsApp has announced that it is increasing the number of participants in a group call from previously set 4 numbers to new limit of 8 people. The new limit will be available for both Video and Voice call users.

As per WhatsApp parent company Facebook, more than 700 million daily active users on WhatsApp and Messenger for calling. And due to pandemic CoronaVirus the number of calling has doubled.

In a separate Facebook post Mark Zuckerberg wrote “To help you stay connected with your whole family and groups of friends, we’re doubling the number of people who can participate in a group video call from 4 to 8 on WhatsApp.”

Head of WhatsApp confirming the updates will be rolled out in newt week.

The information of update was also shared by Head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart who has mentioned that the new updates will be available to all Android and iOS users starting next week. With the increasing of participants cap in a group call we can expect more popularity of among users in the platform.

Apart from new updates to WhatsApp, Facebook also announced a bunch of new updates like Virtual dates on Facebook Dating, Messenger Rooms for group video chat will hold up to 50 people with no time limit.

Since calling on WhatsApp are secured with end-to-end encryption so that no one can listen or view your private conversation and Looking to the present state of the World during this pandemic COVID-19,we think the updates will surely bring more popularity to the platform.

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