Apple planning Redesigning of iPhone 12

Highlights :

  • iPhone 12 may come with a design similar to iPad Pro.
  • iPhone 12 could bring a design inspired by the iPhone 5.
  • Rumoured to launch four iPhone this year with 5G enabled

According to Bloomberg reports Apple is planning for complete redesign of its iPhone 12 series with reminiscent of iPad Pro. Reports states that “At least the two high-end devices will have flat stainless steel edges instead of the current curved design as well as more sharply rounded corners like the iPad Pro introduced in 2018. Reminiscent of the iPhone 5 design, the new handsets will have flat screens rather than the sloping edges on current models.”

It has been also reported by many tipsters that upcoming iPhone 12 might hold the same triple camera set up with added features of 3-D LIDAR system that which has been added with the iPad Pro in March to its top-tier devices, for better experience of augmented-reality applications. LIDAR which stands for “Light Detection and Ranging”.

With the increase of pandemic CoronaVirus the launch and expected redesigning of new iPhone 12 may change in near futures.

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