Views That Make Decision

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Nowadays everyone here have some or the other views on each and every topic. People have started becoming counselor on their own. They have stopped thinking by keeping themselves in needy’s place. Thats good thing for the

mselves as they have started getting points on each and every aspect of life by giving views but it can make hell for listener because any particular situation is not same for everyone. Judgements are made without any personal knowledge about the listener. As the person who is in need of proper views about decision gets panic and forgets to ask to proper person. Sometimes due to god’s grace he or she gets proper light to correct path leading  to success. But sometimes it becomes crappy. Instant and panic decisions should be done wisely without keeping in mind of normal views. Keeping foot in other’s shoes and then giving views is different than just giving views keeping himself , the ‘ counsel’,  in mind.For normal people i want just to let them know that giving views should not be like choosing a pen among different kinds as it changes lives. For needy  I want to advise that while making any decisions or taking any crucial step the person should think very wisely and if that doesn’t show result then experienced person should be consulted to. Because this decisions might change your life and we have only one life to live.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

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