Top 5 Fashion Health Hazards

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Being in Fashion and following fashion trends blindly can really harm your health. Those sexy looking high heels or low waist impressive denims can harm your health to a greater extent you might not know. Here are those top 5 fashion health hazards you must know:

1.High Heels

High heels are now being used by professional girls on daily basis to wear at their office. High heels which were used occasionally are now used frequently by girls which is a serious health hazard.

Problems it can cause:

  • High heels leads to poor posture which puts pressure on your joints.
  • It can lead to arthritis and hammer toes
  • It can also lead to regular back pain and tendon injuries.

Tips to take care of :

  • Wear heels only of maximum 1.5 inch height
  • Wear in-soles to reduce pressure on your joints

2. Skinny Jeans

These sexy tight skinny jeans arn’t sexy anymore with those health hazards it brings along. Have a look at problems caused due to it:

Problems it can cause:

  • For men, it can lead to overheating of testes thereby lowering sperm count, which leads to infertility.
  • For women, it is one of the reason of thrush- vaginal yeast infection.
  • It can cause nerve compression leading to numbness in your motor nerves.

Tips to take care of:

  • If you can’t avoid wearing skinny jeans, for men, wear for a very short period of time and wear occasionally.
  • Women can shift their wardrobe to leggings/jeggings in order to have a same look of that skinny jeans but avoiding health hazards.

3. Piercings

According to survey results published in the British Medical Journal, 25 per cent of body piercings lead to complications including swelling, bleeding and infection

Problems it can cause:

  • Damages ear tissues due to weight of the jewellery which is pulled down
  • Causing allergic issues leading to infection, rashes and itches

 Tips to take care of:

  • Always go for high quality piercing materials and pierce it from a reputed piercer
  • opt for hypoallergenic jewellery


Handbags are style statement. but wait! With those heavy gadgets and other heavy things you carry because your hand bag can carry it all, will lead to your  serious health hazard.

Problems it can cause:

  • You might not feel it immediately but sooner or later it will lead to serious back problems due to heavy weight.
  • It can also cause poor posture and neck pain as well

 Tips to take care of:

  • Carry only essential things in your hand bags and keep it low weight
  • Switch to a smaller hang bag if possible

5. Tight shirt collars and ties

If you often suffer from headaches, tingly ears or blurred vision at work, it may be that your shirt and tie are to blame

Problems it can cause:

  • Wearing tight shirt and tie can restrict the blood flow to the brain leading to serious health problems like head ache, dizziness etc
  • It leads to increase in intra-ocular pressure causing strain and pain in your eyes

 Tips to take care of:

  •  Buy shirts with the correct collar size and loosen your tie
  • Keep washing your eyes regularly in order to avoid any infection

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