Top 5 Failed Projects Of Google

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Google is known for its innovative online projects which has really changed the way internet works. Google’s search engine is world’s best. Nowadays, Google is a Verb! Some of the Google’s products like Maps, Gmail etc has set new standards in Internet. But, many of the experimental projects which had potential to break through , failed to grab internet space.

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1. Google Knol: 

Knol is a Google project that aims to include user-written articles on a range of topics. It was undertaken to kill Wikipedia but unfortunately, Google has decided to shut down all its services. Knol is shutting down on May 1, 2012. It will transfer everything to a WordPress managed by Annotum.

Reason of Failure: Not enough tutorial to create such knols. Bad search engine visibility. Wikipedia had better SEO than Knol. Less marketing costed it dear.

2. Google Wave

I still remember, i was going mad asking people to send me invites for Google Wave. Participated in tons of invite giveaways, asked my friends for it and when i got it, i used the service only once. Although i liked Google Wave, but it was made to fail. It failed to collaborate Google services effectively and it looked messy. Wave was their dream project and if they would have implemented properly, this Wave could have been tsunami now!

Reasons of Failure: Lack of user friendly interface, Looked very messy and not properly collaborative. It made users sign up compulsorily to some of the products of Google to use Wave.

3. Google Video

Their motive to start Google Video was to take a ball from YouTube. But Google Video failed to grab enough attention. So, they bought well established Youtube for whooping $1.65 Billion in stock.

Reasons of Failure: They took videos from many websites like,, and they did not filter out videos that were against the internet standards. Moreover, YouTube had already taken a huge pie of the cake and it was tough to bring visitors from Youtube to Simple video search engine.

4. Google Page Creator:

Even today, i miss this service! Google Page Creator along with free hosting was my best website to create new pages and that was the initial step to world of making websites. Its amazing free hosting of files was my then Dropbox. Even today i do not know, why they stopped the service. They transformed this  into Google Sites. and i think, Google sites is a bigger failure than Page Creator.

Reasons of Failure: As i said, i do not know why they stopped the service, but the main reason would be misuse of free hosting offered by them as in new service, Google Sites, they did the same thing for creation of websites as it was in Google Page Creator minus the free hosting.

5. Google Buzz


Buzz was biggest flop ever by Google. They wanted to take upon twitter in this new venture but they added features like integrating other websites into buzz, and some stupid features that made it complex to operate. Moreover integrating with Gmail was the fool-est thing they have done. It was really bound to fail.

Reasons of Failure: No innovation, simple copy of Twitter. Integration with Gmail and making it too complex for a normal user to use it.


Although, Google has made many mistakes, they have always learnt from their mistakes and has never committed same mistake again.

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  2. Phenil Buch says:

    Lolz @ google video! :D

    1. It has seriously failed. LOL!

  3. Phenil Buch says:

    Lolz @ google video! :D

    1. It has seriously failed. LOL!

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