Sleep Effectively in Winter – Keep Hot Water Bottle With You and Save Electricity

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Winter is here. Warm cozy winter is my favorite season because i can just wrap up myself in the blanket and doze off. But the electric heaters keep my room warm. I feel a need of some easy, Indian, method of keeping me warm and cozy. Its free, easy and secure. You don’t need to wake up and turn off your electric heater anymore. Lets see, how easy it can be!

winterNow you can sleep effectively in Winter without using even a bit of electricity and you can keep yourself warm and cozy during the cold nights.

Just grab up a hot water bottle as shown in the figure. Fill up full and close it. 

Whats next?

Just keep this bag of water near your feet and wrap yourself up in cozy blanket. As easy as that. Scientifically, keeping your feet warm, warms your entire body and keeps you doze off in the chilly nights! Isn’t it very effective, Indian way, free and practical way to keep yourself warm?!

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Keep warm, enjoy winter and Happy Chilling nights! :)

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