Salaries of Members of Parliament of India

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Well, we work all day long, for our family, and for tax! But, in the interest of taxpayers, we are publishing the latest salaries and perks of our Member of Parliaments.

1. The Salary 

Salary: Rs. 50,000/- per month
Daily Allowance: Rs. 2,000/- per day when the MP attends parliament sessions

2. The Travel

An MP is allowed 34 free air journeys in a year with his/her spouse or any number of companions or relatives.
The spouse/companion can travel alone eight times in a year to meet the member.
By just showing the Identity Card, he/she can travel at any time by any railway in India in first class air-conditioned or executive class. While travelling outside of India, the MP is given free First Class air/rail tickets.

3. The House and Telephone 

An MP is entitled to have three telephones without payment of installation and rental charges
While in office a Member is allotted a flat without having to pay the licence fee. He/She also gets 50,000 units of electricity and 4,000 KL of water per year.

4. The Medical Facilities 

Under the Central Government Health Scheme, the MP and his/her family gets free medical treatment on a monthly contribution of Rs. 500/-

5. The Constituency Allowance

Every MP gets Rs 45,000 as their Constituency Allowance.

6. The Office Expense Allowance

Every month, Rs 45,000 is allotted to an MP, of which 15,000 is meant for stationery and the rest is for secretarial assistance.

7. The pension

If a person has served as an MP, he/she is entitled to Rs 20,000 per month as pension. If the person has served for more than five years, then he/she gets an additional 1,500/- per month.

The career is too lucrative than the post of a CEO of any Multi National Company.

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