Mahatma Gandhi Papers and Letters to be Auctioned for $1 million

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A huge archive of letters, papers and photographs that shed new light on Mahatma Gandhi and his time in South Africa will be auctioned in London next month and is expected to fetch $ 1 million

“The vast majority of this is unknown and unpublished, and has not been used by scholars in the last generation or two,” said Gabriel Heaton, a books and manuscripts specialist at Sotheby’s auctioneers which is selling the archive.

When will it get Auctioned?

The documents will go under the hammer as a single lot on July 10 at the English Literature and History sale.

Madness over Mahatma Gandhi’s things in Auctions:

Recently, samples of soil and blades of bloody grass took from the spot where Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 was Auctioned for whooping 10,000 Pounds and his pair of Glasses was auctioned for 34000 Pounds which was bought by Kingfisher Chairman, Dr. Vijay Mallya

Mahatma Gandhi is World’s face for Non-violence and his birthday is recognized by UN as World Non-Violence Day. Yet, he is yet to receive Nobel’s Peace Prize.

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