Know How Sending an Email with Gmail is Green

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Story of Send

If you are using Gmail as your email partner, then you are contributing towards saving environment and making it green. Google recently released the process of how they process each mail that has been sent on Google’s server and they have explained to by showing various animations.

When you click on Send button on Gmail, the email goes to their processing labs where Email gets processed, scanned of viruses and then travels to the data center of the Google.

Google is sharing their data center for all their web applications so, they cut down 50% of the energy due to this. Moreover, they power their data centers with the energy provided by nearby wind farms and they cool their machines with water that is obtained from farms nearby. They have working to make your Email really green by providing such greener technologies to their services. They are the first internet company to do so.

Learn more about it from the below video animation they made for this feature of Gmail:

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