HOW TO : Wash your Clothes in your Car

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Wash your clothes when you travel.So, you are traveling in a long route and you need to wash clothes as well. brings you DO-IT-YOURSELF washing your clothes in your car without even spoiling your interiors and believe me, no one will come to know about that too ;-)

Well, check out the tabs and let your car help you wash your clothes when you are on a long journey:

[tab name="Things you will need"]

You will require following things to wash your clothes in the car without messing up the interiors of the car.

  • Bucket
  • Detergent
  • Air tight lid (which fits over the bucket)
  • Some space in boot of your car
  • Minimum two hours of driving
  • and lastly Clothes ;-)


[tab name="Step 1"]

Pack all your dirty stuff inside the bucket filled with water. Put some detergent inside and pack it off with air tight lid so that the water does not spill out when you are driving. As you move across the roads (  Indian roads are most favorable for this trick ;-) ) and bumps, the dirty stuff inside get the natural whirling effect inside that helps removes dirt. Keep this for one hour.


[tab name="Step 2"]

For one hour or so, it will remove all the dirt from the cloth-es. So, now remove the dirty, detergent water and keep your clothes in clean water so that it will remove the residual detergent and dirt from your clothes. This will take one more hour. So, in two hours of driving, your clothes will be washed off.

Did you like this hack? Do implement if you really need to wash your clothes in the travel. Share it if you like.

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