HOW TO : Unlock Your Car With a Shoelace

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Lost your car keys somewhere and stuck in the middle with you outside your car and your car locked? brings you amazing tip to unlock your car with a shoelace or any simple string you have with you.

How to Use the Shoelace to Unlock?

  • Step 1: Create a slip knot with your shoelace
  • Step 2 : Place the lace at the top right corner of the door, and wiggle it down into the inside of the car.
  • Step 3 : After placing the slip knot over the lock button, you should be able to pull on one side of the shoelace to tighten the knot, pull it up, and unlock the car.

Does it Work on All Cars?

No, it may not work on all cars but works in most of the cars. Older your car, the more likely it is to work.

Learn from this tutorial:


We at takes no responsibility and such daily hacks are provided to ease your way of living. We do not encourage any misleading activities and we don’t recommend using this to break into a car that isn’t yours—obviously, that’s illegal (and kind of mean)

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