HOW TO : Remove Bad Odour From Your Shoes

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Recently, i was on a trip to Mumbai and i just carried one pair of shoes and three pair of socks for the trip of 6 days. The major problem i faced was bad odour coming from my shoes and socks. I had to use each pair of socks for two days and that was the major problem. The shoes started stinking with foul smell and so my socks and feet. So i thought to do bit of research and come up with article that can really help you remove bad odour from your shoes, that too using things that are available during travel.

Method 1: Using Tea-Bag

  • Get in un-used tea bags available in your hotel or at shop nearby. Stuff 3-4 tea bags in one shoe( depending upon the smell. if it stinks less, use in less quantity)
  • Keep those tea bags in your shoes before going to bed.
  • Wake up in the morning and remove those tea bags and throw it away( Do not re-use it) and your shoes will be smelling great for you! ( If you are a tea lover ;-) )  or at-least better than that foul smell.

Method 2 : Using Talcum Powder

  • Shoes stinks because of moisture and bacteria generation due to it. Talcum powder is one of the best solution to capture moisture and thereby not letting bacteria grow.
  • Sprinkle in your shoes inside in a proper amount and leave it for around 30 minutes.
  • Shell off powder from your shoes and you will get a good smelling pair of shoes. This trick is easiest as we always carry talcum powder with us during our travel.

Method 3 : Stuff with Fabric Sheet

  • Easiest and method employed by lazy people. Stuffing your shoes with fabric sheet can really help.
  • Stuff your shoes properly with fabric sheet and that will absorb all moisture and thereby those bacteria’s that create foul odour.
  • Remember to use clean sheet everytime as it won’t make any difference to your smell if you use dirty sheet.

Method 4 : Using Baking Soda

  • Baking soda is the best remedy to remove stink from your shoes.
  • The application is simple. Just sprinkle baking soda as shown in the figure.
  • Keep it for some hours and remove the application. Your shoes are fresh again

These are few quick methods that can help you to remove stink especially if you are travelling and you have to remove those stink. Hope you like and it serves it purpose :)

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  1. Yogesh Rindani says:

    have boot ni vaas jadmul ma thi gai samjo.

  2. have boot ni vaas jadmul ma thi gai samjo.

  3. Pratiksha Buch says:

    nice….. didn't know bout tea-bag….

  4. nice….. didn't know bout tea-bag….

  5. Sumit Sathwara says:

    jordar kevay……….

  6. Sumit Sathwara says:

    jordar kevay……….

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