HOW TO : Decorate a Puja Thali – Part 1

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Hi friends… India we have lots of festivals and hence most of us always have some or the other Pujas at our place like some vastu puja,some ceremony,at times of navaratri,Diwali ,janmashtami, Ganpati festival etc….at these times we always need some aarti thali….one option is buying a decorated one from market and the other one is just leaving it plain with a diya and some important things used for the Puja… 

But we have a third option open and that’s decorating the aarti thali on your own…
Lets see what all things we need to decorate our thali :
  1. A Steel Thali (preferably without border)
  2. Sago Pearls(sabudana)
  3. Rice Grains
  4. Turmeric Powder
  5. Kumkum Powder
  6. Fevicol
  7. A Chalk
  8. A medium sized Diya
Now we will see how do we go about it,below are some steps:
Step 1:
Take the steel thali and chalk and draw 4 small ‘Saathiyas’ in it in the position of 3,6,9 and 12 in a clock.
Step 2:
Take the Sago pearls in a small bowl and add kukum powder to it,make sure all the pearls turn red,
Same way take the rice grains and add turmeric to turn them yellow.
Step 3:
Start sticking the red sago pearls on the Saathiyas, that we made in the Puja thali,with the help of the Fevicol.Complete all 4 of them.
Step 4:
Next take some fevicol and apply on the blank spaces in the thali,now cover these spaces with the yellow rice grains.
Step 5:
Put the Diya in the center of all the 4 Saathiyas.
It will look something like this.
The aarti thali is complete now and ready for Puja.
  • It may not be as attractive as the ready made ones but it definitely has your love and hard-work in it.
  • When people ask who did such a nice and beautiful job and praise you,trust me, it feels awesome :)
  • And of course we saved money and did something nice for our god :)
If your thali has a border stick some lace or “nadachadi thread” in the inside of the thali border to give it a complete look.
So go ahead and try something like this in your next Puja.

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  3. Sangita Jain says:

    I want some more attractive decorations.

  4. Sangita Jain says:

    I want some more attractive decorations.

    1. DailyStuff Team says:

      Will be back with some attractive decorations on the same page soon.

  5. બહુ સરળ અને સુંદર.

  6. બહુ સરળ અને સુંદર.

  7. Gargi Paul says:

    hi I am gargi nice to meet you.

  8. Gargi Paul says:

    hi I am gargi nice to meet you.

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