HOW TO : Decorate a Puja Thali – Part 2

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Hello friends…i hope you all liked the 1st aarti thali decoration…here i am with 1 more idea to decorate your puja thali.

This time we need the following things:
1. Steel thali
2. Rangoli colours
3. A chalk
4. Nadachadi thread
5. Small mirror pieces
6. Fevicol

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Now let us start decorating our puja thali by following these steps:

Step 1:
Take the thali and draw 5 or 6 diyas with the help of a chalk in such a way that the middle portion remains blank.(see the picture below to understand it better)

Step 2:
Draw a Saathiya or Aum in the middle portion which we left blank.

Step 3:
Now take out your rangoli colours and decide the different colours you want in your puja thali.Fill up al the diyas,the blank portion and the saathiya or Aum.

Step 4:
Stick the nadachadi thread on the border of the aarti thali with the help of fevicol.

Step 5:
Decorate the thali by sticking or placing the small mirror pieces.

Now your thali is ready which will look like this.


You can apply some fevicol and then fill the colours,though it might make the colours look different but it will make sure that the colours dont spread or get blown even in worst conditions 

So Go Ahead and try this colorful aarti decoration .

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