HOW TO : Choose The Perfect Dining Table

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Dining tables are among the most significant pieces of furniture. Food is served on the dining table, and it brings the whole family together. However, choosing the perfect dining table isn?t just about its use. You have to consider other things as well. For instance, the size of the room affects the choice you make. You cannot afford to buy a large table when the space to accommodate it is limited. Here is a brief guide on how to choose the ideal dining table:

How Many People

The size of the dining table is not just governed by the space of the dining room. The number of people who will use the table also matters. If you are five people in the family, buying a tiny square will leave one member out. Instead of going for a four edged table, buy a round dining table. If you have enough space in the house, you can get larger dining tables to accommodate six or even twelve people.

It Must Complement its Surroundings

The dining table cannot be ignored. It is the center piece of the dining area and has an impact on its surroundings. The table must complement other furniture around it. This includes light fixtures, shelves or cabinets in the dining area. The color of the dining table must match and contrast the theme of the house. It is always better to buy a dining table with a complete set of seats. If you are buying a table separately, make sure it matches with the chairs.

Curtains and Table

If the curtains in your home are dark, go for a light colored table. If both the curtains and table are dark, the area will look cluttered and dull. The table must look inviting and must stand out. The design on the dining table and chairs must match with the curtains in the dining area.

Shape of dining table is Important

You can buy a square, rectangular, oval shaped or round dining table. For larger dining areas, rectangular and oval shaped ones are recommended. They make the house look adorable and accommodating. On the other hand, for small apartments, round or square tables are recommended. They make the small area look spacious and beautiful. There are retractable ones available in every shape now.

Metal, Glass or Wood

Dining tables are available in metal, glass or wood. Sometimes you can find dining tables made from all three materials. Although, most people prefer buying wooden dining tables because they are elegant. Additionally, they last longer and are durable. Besides, wooden furniture becomes even more valuable with time. Similarly, people go for dining tables made from glass and metal because they are beautiful, sophisticated and classy.
Finding the ideal dining table requires a lot of time and thoughtfulness. Dining tables last a lifetime, so make sure you take your time to choose well.

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