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Number of people suffer from piles or hemorrhoids.  Piles are essentially a condition that results due to the swelling of veins in and around the rectum. There are two types of piles; internal piles – where the swelling is located inside the anal passage and can be felt rather than seen; external piles – where the swelling is easily visible because they are located just outside the anus. Internal piles cause the discharge of dark colored blood whereas external piles are extremely painful with little or no blood  discharge. Constipation or forcing out stools could lead to the rupture of the veins and this results in bleeding piles. This will cause internal bleeding or external bleeding, depending on the location of the rupture.

There are few home remedies which helps in reducing pain and swelling

1) The Use of Dry Figs in the Treatment of Piles

Use hot water to clean three or four figs and then soak them overnight. Eat the figs next morning and drink the water in which they were soaked. It is  beneficial if you eat the figs in the evening as well. This effective piles home remedy must be repeated for at least three to four weeks. The figs contain tiny seeds that stimulate the peristaltic movement in the intestines. This causes a bowel movement thus keeping the alimentary canal clean. This is one of the most effective home remedies for piles as it alleviates the pressure on the anal region and the hemorrhoids begin to contract. Therefore in order to get rid of piles, constipation must be avoided at all costs.

2) The Use of Mango Seeds to Treat Piles Disease

Mango seeds seem to be an effective cure for piles.  The seeds must be properly dried, powdered and stored in a clean, dry place. One or two teaspoons of this powder must be consumed two times a day. You can use this natural piles treatment at home to reduce the swelling and inflammation which will consequently reduce your pain and discomfort.

3) The Use of Yam or elephant yam

Yam seems to be a very effective cure for piles. 2oo gms of yam a day will help reduce the swelling of the external piles and help get rid of constipation.Take yam in any form such as deep fried yam in ghee is best or boiled yam with jeera or yam kheer. Yam taken in any form will help.

4) The Use of Radish in the Treatment of Piles

White radish helps alleviate the symptoms of piles.  Consume a mixture of 100 mg of grated white radish and a teaspoon of honey, or drink the juice of this vegetable twice a day, about 60 to 90 ml. This piles home remedy can be used as an external medication as well. Make a paste of white radish mixed with milk and apply it on the affected area to experience relief from the swelling and the pain.

5) Piles Treatment Using Onion

Onions are valuable in bleeding piles. About thirty grams of this vegetable should be finely rubbed in water and sixty grams of sugar added to it. It should be taken twice daily by the Patient. It will bring relief within a few days. Onion is also useful in the treatment of dry piles. A crushed onion, skinned and roasted in aches, may be applied with beneficial results.

These were few home remedies but operation may be needed in extreme cases.

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  2. Great Article Rupal didi :) Very Helpful…Keep contributing..

  3. Great Article Rupal didi :) Very Helpful…Keep contributing..

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