Google to Create .LOL Domain web addresses

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Google, the company that always innovates and does something new is going to extend the internet with dose of laughter. Well, not by any comedy series but by introducing .LOL domain names for web address.

“We have applied for .LOL top level domain names. It would refer to the common online abbreviation for “laugh out loud”.Google said it thought “.lol” had “interesting and creative potential”.

Google has given more than 50 applications to ICANN, the body that authorizes domain names for various domain names for .com alternatives. Google is planning to come up with .youtube and .google domain names.

So, if your Youtube username is, then it might become if ICANN accepts their application.

Submitting these applications are very costly and beyond the reach of SMEs. Each application costs $ 185000 and ICANN has already received 1900 applications. (50 are of Google). Moreover, the companies will have to pay annual fee of $25000 once their applications are accepted and have started running.

What are your views with .LOL domain names? 

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