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Pimples..Oh my God! These are the biggest enemies for Girls ( and nowadays for boys too). Pimples pop up any time, without notice and even overnight. Pimples or acnes are irritating and its itching effect causes discomfort and it spreads across the cheeks and other portions of the face. There are various products advertised and used in daily life but none seems affective for a longer period of time. It may help you remove pimple but then it leaves black spots all over affected area making it tough to remove then. brings you two easiest and quick natural ways to cure your pimples.

[stextbox id="yello"]Rub Ice cubes[/stextbox]

Get a cube of ice. Cover it with very clean cloth and then rub across the pimples. Here’s a method how you should do it:

  • Rub for 20-30 seconds and then wait for one minute. Again rub for 20-30 seconds and wait for another minute. This is the best way to rub across pimples

The reason why ice is used is because Ice helps reduce heat across the pimples which stops its growth. It also helps reduce redness. Don’t expose your pimples to direct heat or sun light, it will grow faster.  Ice also help not to cause black spots which are formed due to application of creams or other cosmetic products.

[stextbox id="yello"]Use Cumin Seeds (Jeera) Paste[/stextbox]

Cumin seeds or Jeera in Hindi is one of best natural way to cure your pimple within a day or sometimes overnight. Cumin seeds have herbal and medicinal qualities which help cure the acne so fast. Cumin seeds are always available in your kitchen. Here’s how you should apply on one pimple.:

  • Take approximately 5 grams of Cumin seeds and crush it to make it a thick paste duly adding required quantity of water. Apply the paste over the pimple. It gives relief to one. After one hour, the application can be removed.

Cumin seeds cure pimple very fast sometimes overnight. Please note,Do not keep the application for full night. Although there are no side-effects but you should remove it after one hour.

Do you use any other method? Share it with us.

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