85% School kids are On Facebook – TCS Survey

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A recent survey done by India’s largest IT exporter, TCS, on the school kids using Facebook, it was found out that astonishing 85% students are on Facebook even before they passout from their school. The reports of this survey included study on kids carrying mobile phones with/without internet.This December 2011 survey of 12,300 high schoolkids was conducted in 12 cities. Really shocking results were found out which is shown below in the table.

Internet Survey on School Kids

Survey Topic Percentage
Schools Kids on Facebook 85%
Having Mobiles without internet 79.47%
Having Mobiles with internet 42.02%
Mobiles are favorite Gadget 27.78%
Kids using Mobiles in Mumbai 98.77%
Mobiles as favorite gadget in Mumbai 45.56%

This shows how school kids are getting easy access to the technology which may be harmful at this age.

With Parents losing the hold how can we contribute to the society by making these kids understand the chapter of communication that can be done even without internet and mobile phones.?! Your comments please!

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