5 Ways You Can Survive 2012

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“2012″- Yes, 2012 is just a week away. The catastrophic year finally arrives with much of speculation especially December 21st, 2012. Well, on a lighter note, Dailystuff.org brings you  5 ways to survive 2012. Here are those 5 ways:

1.Escape to Africa


Africa is only continent of this world where there would be minimum catastrophic effect or any polar shift effects. So the safest way is to escape to Africa and enjoy O la la la!

2. Fly into Space

Zoom away into space for few days and rest in international space station. It would save you from all the deadly effects and you can survive in 2012. Dont forget to come back, New World will need population as well!

3. Become US President


USA Elections are on the way and scheduled on November, 2012. So, i think this is the best way to secure your entire family(Lets call it First Family). Remember 2012 Movie? You will be entirely safe. Go and prepare for Elections!

4.Buy a Private Jet


Go get a Private jet of yours and uplift yourself and your loved ones during calamities. Take them all upto certain height and save yourself. Remember, do not crash with objects floating in the air!

5. Get Underground


Go deep inside the earth and you will be entirely safe. Start digging the Earth today itself so that by Dec, 2012 you are ready to go down the earth.


This post is totally Funny and on a lighter note to welcome 2012 with happiness and fun. Have a great year ahead :) 

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