5 Ways to Make Your Kids Learn to Read Faster

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To make your kids learn reading faster, you have to understand one basic requirement. The interest of the kid is the key to quick learning. If the child can develop the keenness to learn, then the whole process is very easy. Parents need to make sure they make that learning is fun and interesting. No matter how slow the kid is at the beginning, showing exasperation is never an option. This will instead instill fear of reading in the kid. Reading opens the kids mind to imagination and creativity. Here are five ways to make your child learn reading faster:

1. Read to the Child

In the beginning you must read to the child and express the idea. Make it as interesting and creative as possible. Try using different tones and voices to act like the character in the story. Kid?s love folktales and books with pictures. These trigger their imagination and develop their curiosity to read the book themselves.

2. Start with Alphabets

Alphabets are the first thing they need to know before making words. They must be encouraged to recognize the alphabet first. Make the learning process creative and fun. Use magnetic letters. Kids love sticking them on refrigerators and boards. Make them spell their name. They must recognize each alphabet and know the sound of each letter.

3. Use Phonics

Phonics teach kids what each letter sounds like. For example, ?A? for ?Apple.? Then pull out an apple to show the kid what an apple is.

4. Teach the Words

Encourage your child to watch educative shows. Sesame Street is one of the most popular interactive TV shows for kids. Make things creative and involve the whole family to put objects and words together. Use pieces of poster board.There are syllabi available for parents to use at home. Get yourself a copy to know what words the child has to learn. Schools often provide a copy for parents. Feel free to ask them for one if you haven?t received one. If you are homeschooling your child, then you can download syllabi from the internet.

5. Get Some Books

Get your kid some easy books to read. Make sure there are pictures in them. Never leave them to read the books on their own, especially for the first time. This is important because if they get stuck with some pronunciation you can help them learn it right. Kids keep a memory of what they are taught in the first lesson. Therefore, make sure they get it right. Besides, you will need to explain to the child sometimes. Children remember things better when they understand. These are the five recommended ways to make your kids learn reading faster as they grow.


Mike has been spending a lot of his time assisting with his children’s education and loves sharing his experiences online. Mike is also a regular contributor at http://www.toysparadise.com.au/.


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