5 Useful Tools That Every Cook Should Have In Their Kitchen

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Some of the world’s finest cooks own fine cooking tools that help them deliver outstanding performance every time they cook. Cooking is definitely an art and requires extraordinary cooking skills, but the need to have appropriate cooking tools cannot be underestimated as well. While cooking, a cook must be able to enjoy his task up to maximum because it also helps him learn and experience new things at the same time.

In this article, we will look at 5 useful tools that every cook should have in his kitchen.

1. Strainer

Strainers are an essential part of cooking today. These are simple big-sized bowls that have small holes in them so you can drain liquids and leave the solid food. A cook needs to use it when he has to drain hot water just after boiling pasta, beans, spaghetti etc. Also these strainers come in handy for a cook when he needs to wash fruits like berries, grapes, cherries and vegetables like lettuce, onion rings, spinach etc. In short, one cannot evade the use and importance of strainers in everyday tasks of cooks.

2. Peeler

The peeler is another must-have tool in a cook?s resource box. One can only realize the need to have one when you have peeled a sack of potatoes using a knife. Peelers are food savers because they save a lot of food that is otherwise peeled off and gone to waste. Cooks need them to peel vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, and many other edible decorative items.

3. Chef Knife

Chef knives form a very important part of a cook?s resource box. Knives are used every now and then by chefs and are the prime tool that sharpens their basic skills as well. Every cook has at least one or two prime chef knives in his cooking set. These are used for special needs only and other ordinary knives are used to complete rest of the tasks.

4. Whisk

A whisk plays a very crucial role for a cook. It serves different purposes, for example, blends ingredients to smooth, even, emulsifies mixture, and integrates ingredients that otherwise do not blend together well. A whisk is made up of a network of wires that do the job when moved back and forth by the hand.

5. Measurement tools

Measurement tools become unavoidable when it comes to baked goods. Weight scale, measuring cups, spoons etc come in handy while chefs are preparing to bake gourmet meals. Each baking recipe requires a unique blend of ingredients which cannot be executed accurately without measurement tools.
These were the 5 essential tools that a cook must have in his kitchen; however, the list of essentials is much longer. You will come across many more tools that help top-notch chefs deliver the best results.

About the Author: Andrew loves blogging about cooking. He has been working in the hospitality industry for several years distributing suzumo and sanuki menki machines. When he is not writing, Andrew loves to cook delicious meals for his family and friends.

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