5 Clever Uses of Coca Cola

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Coca Cola is one of my favourite soft drink if i would go for aerated drinks in summer. Apart from its use as soft drink, we at DailyStuff.org brings you five Clever uses of Coca Cola you might not know. These tricks can be used effectively in your house or at outdoors and do not harm anything.

coca cola

These are the five uses of Coca Cola:

1. Helps in decomposing matter

Coca Cola can become handy at times when you want to decompose any organic matter to recycle the waste and use it as fertilizer in your own garden.  Simply pour the soda over the pile of waste. Coke’s mildly acidic nature will help break down organic matter, while its sweetness helps attract micro-organisms that aid in the composting process.

2. Cleans your Kitchen as well

So you hosted many guests last night and your stove is full greasy? Do not worry, just take some amount of coca cola you bought for the party and pour it over sponge and clean your stove/microwave. The acidic contents will act as degreaser. Remember to wash it again with water so that the stickiness goes away after washing it with coca cola.

3. Stomach Gas? Take a sigh of relief with Coca Cola

Take up a glass of Coca Cola and pinch of salt along with it and Coca-Cola can relieve a stomach ache due to the soda’s carbonation. It works, really!

4. Insects will fall for your handsome Coca Cola

So many house flies at dining table causing you problems? Have a good food in your dining table. Just keep a cup of coca cola at some distance from your dining table and insects will be attracted to coca cola and will leave your poor dining table with cleaniness. ;-)

5. Best Tile Cleaner in the market

Oops! Forgot to buy tile cleaner in your daily monthly budget? No worries, grab a can of coca cola. Pour it over affected tile, keep it as it is for sometime and wash it with water. Your tiles will be shining like never before!

These are some tips to use coca cola. It is because of the acidic content of the soft drink and also due to its sweetness. No worries, you can still drink coca cola! ;-)

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